Sunday, August 23, 2009


there is a far off orchard
in some distant dream
where the years between us
are counted among apples
and they are not few.

here way lay down
our canvases,
our vulnerabilities, and
artist on artist
we reap the harvest
for it has fully ripened.


thejoyful1 said...

very profound...i love it! :)

scadesigns said...

I came across your etsy shop a while back and check in regularly at your work, it's awesome! I'm brainstorming an idea for my husband for Christmas, maybe one with our son.

The Midnight Orange said...

I would love to do that for you! Keep me posted and let me know what you have in mind - I love when my hands and others minds come together in the creation process.

Thank you for "following" me, and I am excited to have you here. :)


Little Lovables said...

wow, I love this piece!

craziegracie said...

I saw your work on handmade spark today. I am moved
and touched by you and your work. I too love to do a random pirouette every now and then . :) Gracie

Sue said...

this is gorgeous! I love it!!

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