Friday, April 22, 2011

Results from the Just As I Am charity auction!!

I am continuously amazed and encouraged at the outpour of kindness and sweet spiritedness of both friends and strangers.  I was looking through my studio shelving this week and realized that throughout the past 3 years, I have accumulated a large quantity of sculptures that I considered unsaleable due to minor imperfections.  The thought came to me that others may like the opportunity to own these pieces at a very reduced cost, and so I posted it on my facebook fanpage and asked what others thought of this.  The response was immediate and I could see there was a demand for these pieces.  One woman, Natalie, recommended an auction and I thought it was a wonderful idea!  However, truly I was not looking to profit off of these pieces and so it was decided that if we were going to do an auction, the money raised would all be donated to charity of the winning bidders choices.    The results are, in this artist's mind... shocking and wholly uplifting!!

62 pieces were listed and a total of ... BIG DRUMROLL .... $1300.51 was raised for charity!  It is unbelievable to me that together we have done this and I am just so stunned, touched, and humbled to have been able to be a part of this and watch it unfold in a matter of 3 days.  I also loved reading the metaphors so many of you found in these imperfect pieces and how they all spoke to you in different ways.  As humans, we are all flawed and I can see now how easily you all related to these sculptures and found a personal connection to them.  In reading your posts, I have found a connection to each of you as well and I look forward to friendship continuing to bloom with those I do not already have the pleasure of knowing.  If you had hoped to win a piece but were not able to, please take comfort in knowing that most of these pieces are available without flaw in my online shop and I would be happy to make them for you in your own custom colors. If you can't find something, just let me know.  If you had your heart set on making a donation, I would still encourage you to do so!

And now, for the specifics!  If you are listed below, you are an auction winner.  Congrats!  See details under this list for the next steps...  

Lisa Crownover Mickle - $87 - Memorial Fund for Chris Todaro, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Sheri Copeland Darge - $18, $23, $7, $16 Sealed Strength 
EmilieVergon Miller - $23, $2 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Audrey Rogers - $20 -  Pandora's Project
James Sessions - $30, $46, $30, $20 - Sealed Strength
Dani Franklin - $15, $25
Jennifer Gordon Baker - $30
Sarah Grandfield Connors - $22, $6 String of Pearls
Emily Rose Hughes - $36, $22  Metro-Detroit SHARE
Katlyn Hudgins - $25
Allison Miller Johnson - $65 Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Melissa Rebello Pachecho - $20 American Heart Association
Angel Bre - $26 Susan G. Komen
Annette Hopkins - $25
Sheila Simpson - $35
Jennifer Murray - $37, $17 Promise for Ethan
Angela Chrzanowski - $17, $30 Salvation Army
Rikki Donkin - $30 - Donation made to the Teddy Love Club
Kirsty Broderick - $12, $10 Mental Health Foundation New Zealand
Kim Giger Hart - $12 - The Gentle Barn
Jeanie Nelson - $7
Lauren Wolff - $15 Compassionate Friends
Lisa Hunter - $30, $15, $27 - Australian Cancer Research Foundation
Sara Mizzi - $26 - Memorial Fund for Chris Todaro
Holly Haas - $92 -
Jennifer Thiel - $23 SPCA - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Joy Carter - $5
Jenna Lynne Allen - $15
Ashley Wood - $11 MollyBears
Karen Morales - $14
Hope Wood - $15, $15, $12.50, $21.01 Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Ginny Slamka Prince - $41 Sufficient Grace Ministries
Lisa Lapierre - $20 - Girl Scouts
Margarita Garcia - $6
Alyssa Burrows - $7
Erin Foster - $32

The next steps will be me collecting payment and determining what charity I will be donating to on your behalf. I will be invoicing each of you via paypal so please email me your email address (you do not need to have a paypal account in order to pay the invoice, but if you do have a paypal account please send me the email you use with your paypal account).  You will need to email this info to me at and please ***attach a link to the donation page of your charity's website, as well as including your shipping address in the email so I can send you your winnings.  Once I receive your email address I will invoice you via paypal, and once I receive your payment I will make the donation (minus the shipping charge) and forward the receipt to your email so you have record that the donation has been made.  Your sculpture will be packaged and shipped to the address you provide.  All payments will be collected in US Dollars (it is okay if you are international, paypal will convert) and donations will be made in US Dollars.

Thank you again for taking part in something wonderful which evolved quickly and unexpectedly!  Once I have the details on all the charities supported I will post an update.  Very excited to be able to share that info.  Thank you all for blessing my heart through your actions, you do not know the warmth you've given me and I can only hope to be able to give it back to you in some way.


Rikki said...

What an amazing outcome! Congrats on a very successful auction <3

Holly said...

The auction was amazing!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Wonderful job on the auction! Congratulations on its success...such a beautiful thing to see so many people joining in to give to others. Your work is beautiful...and such a gift to grieving hearts! =)

Lisa said...

The night before I would not get a wink of sleep, soo excited on the outcome and donating to a charity close to my heart! I was honoured to be part of it! I hope good karma returns to you ten fold for the wonderful things you do!

Anonymous said...

YOU are amazing!!! -Jenn Carter

Radiant Readhead said...

my email for paypal: (Erin Foster)

Robin Hartman said...

That is absolutely amazing of you. You do such wonderful things with your talents.

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